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Organizational Navigation In Times of Change

The Global Health Crisis has made our already disruptive reality even more challenging. The world will never be the same again and many organizations will never return to what we knew as normal. More than ever Corporate leaders need to look at steps they can take to not only react to severe changes in business but also to reshape their business and plan for recovery and growth in the future

Organizational navigation in "troubled water" reality is an important challenge that senior management teams face. In a fast-changing reality inside and outside organizations, the ability of co-navigation in real-time, according to mutually agreed team strategy, vision and values, is highly needed.

The workshop "Organizational Navigation in Times of Change" is an ideal place for leaders to join, share and get ideas on how to:

  • Facilitate the process of organizational navigation to achieve optimal results.
  • Deliver in-depth analysis of the current direction or vision
  • Create and focus the next phase strategy of the organization.
  • Make mutually agreeable codes of organization navigation
  • Help organization reach high levels of clarity, alignment, direction, engagement
  • Builds a competitive strength to differentiate the organization in the marketplace of the future


After the program, the participants can:

  • Improve communication for the management team in the organization
  • Provide a consensus-based strategy, vision for the organization
  • Surface organization’s obstructions and challenges
  • Define organization success’s core values
  • Identify the organization’s goals and tactical plans
  • Create together the culture of the organization

The program is suitable for:

  • Startup companies and organizations that struggle to survive and grow in times of change
  • Organizations that need to restart and recover their business after the Covid-19 crisis
  • Organizations that need to change strategy in the New normal
  • Organizations that need to rethink and redefine their visions and missions
  • Organizations that need to create alignment, cooperation within the management team and within the organization.


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