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Qualities of Leadership

Having strong leaders at every level of the business has never been as important as it is today. Leaders need to excel in leading others, implementing ideas, introducing change and driving long term initiatives in order to meet the challenges of the competitive marketplace and for organizations to achieve long-term success. The Qualities of Leadership workshop focuses on these important organizational needs by introducing the leadership values, principles, and characteristics central to successful leadership.

Participants in this cutting edge program examine leadership in two parts—the elements that come from “within” a leader and the characteristics that leaders emulate when interacting with others. This methodology helps participants develop sound and lasting leadership skills and abilities. Participants also take a closer look at their own leadership qualities and characteristics so they can identify leadership strengths that can be leveraged and strategies for addressing their opportunities for improvement. Leadership skills aren’t necessarily developed overnight, but the workshop gives leaders the foundation they need to launch their continued leadership learning journey and make a lasting impact on the organization.

Objectives and Outcomes

As a result of the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the significant differences between leadership and management.
  • Be able to apply the best practices and ideas about leadership today.
  • Capitalize on their leadership strengths and work on areas for development.
  • Have a practical framework to guide them in their leadership roles and responsibilities.
  • Hold themselves accountable for leadership expectations and competencies.
  • Build better partnerships with leaders, team members and peers.
  • Know how to motivate the modern team and engage the workforce.
  • Communicate and share feedback more effectively.
  • Know how to set and communicate clear direction for their team.
  • Encourage active participation and engagement of team members.

Our Approach

This workshop is a hands-on, experiential, and reflective learning journey aimed at achieving leadership excellence. The principles and concepts presented in this workshop are based on ongoing research about the qualities and characteristics of world-class leaders. ATHENA can also tailor the content and design so that it aligns specifically to your leadership competency model or framework.

The program incorporates the following elements:

  • Discussions
  • Case Studies
  • Simulations and exercise
  • Assessment feedback
  • Model and tools
  • Application plans
  • Sustainability strategies and tools
  • The Qualities of Leadership workshop has been built in a way that each element of the workshop helps participants understand the value and validity of the critical characteristics and skills of leadership.

Delivery Options

The Qualities of Leadership Workshop can be delivered in a one day or multiple day format. As an option, the Qualities of Leadership workshop can be built into a high-adventure program such as an Orienteering or outdoor experiential program to make it an even more dynamic learning event.

This workshop can be led by an experienced ATHENA facilitator at a location of your choice or we can provide Train-the-Trainer services to prepare the professional of your choice to facilitate The Qualities of Leadership learning experience for your organization.

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