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Problem Solving and Decision Making

Problems come in all sizes—from major problems to daily nuisances—and the ability to resolve them is the heart and soul of every job at every level of an organization. If problems can be solved with greater accuracy, creativity, and confidence, factors that might negatively impact the organization otherwise will be minimized—or even averted entirely. Problem-solving often involves decision-making, and decision-making is especially important for management and leadership. In fact, for many organizations, success depends on the ability of people in positions of leadership to effectively solve problems and make decisions.

In the Problem-Solving and Decision-Making workshop, participants gain the knowledge and skills that improve critical thinking and decision-making skills to better solve problems. The techniques and tools introduced in this workshop are appropriate for everyday application and are particularly useful in cases where the level of performance is falling short of expectations and the reasons for the deficiency are unclear. In this workshop, participants are introduced to a process that allows them to methodically think through and diagnose a problem’s root cause and then determine an effective solution.

Objectives & Outcomes

In the Problem-Solving & Decision-Making workshop, participants learn how to

  • Identify the “right” problems to solve
  • Avoid speculating and making premature assumptions
  • Look for patterns, changes, and differences to analyze and diagnose problems and discover root causes
  • Effectively describe the problem and develop an accurate problem profile
  • Apply a framework to compare the relative worth of the available options and make appropriate and effective decisions
  • Take action on solutions and decisions as well as analyze results
  • Apply the skills and tools to a real-world problem and decision-making opportunity

Our Approach

The Problem-Solving & Decision-Making workshop engages the learners through self-inquiry, sharing of experiences and best practices, and numerous opportunities to practice and apply the skills learned to relevant case studies—as well as to their own situations at work. Some of the elements we incorporate into the workshop include:

  • Case-studies
  • Skill practice opportunities
  • Tools and guides
  • Experiential exercises

Delivery Options

The Problem-Solving and Decision-Making workshop is available as a 1.5-day learning event. If requested, ATHENA also offers stand-alone programs:

  • A 1-Day stand-alone Problem-Solving Workshop
  • A Half-Day stand-alone Decision-Making Workshop

These topics may also be integrated as part of the larger leadership development curriculum.

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