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Leadership Development

Objectives of Programs:

  • Develops leaders with with the capabilities needed for leadership in times of change.
  • Enable leaders to navigate their teams and organizations through change and lead them to success

Methodology of Programs:

  • The programs train the leaders to use N.E.W.S.® Compass™ as a diagnostic and leadership tool for navigating themselves, their team members and the whole organization.
  • The programs can work for your organization as standalone programs or progressive pathway bringing more advanced skills to develop your leaders.

Outcomes for leaders:

  • Leaders that participate in programs are equipped with mindset, skills-set and tool-set to become a new type of a leader – more attentive, flexible, resilient, risk taker and a developer of people and teams.
  • Leadership Development Training programs offer organizations the possibility to develop future leaders with the needed capabilities in tomorrow’s new world.

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