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More and more organizations look to develop internal coaches. The internal capacity to coach employees and managers has become an important differentiator between companies. N.E.W.S.® offers the most structured and replicable process to develop internal organizational coaches.

The N.E.W.S.™ model of coaching is a holistic process, structured and systematic, that relates to the whole person and takes into consideration all his needs and wishes, as well as those of the organization. The holistic view is comprehensive and enables long-term solutions that support growth and development of the individual, as well as focusing on improving his results in specific areas.

The process leads to a long-term solution and gives tools for future independent uses in handling a multitude of situations. The Model is structured, practical and applicable. It brings about significant and deep process connected to personal values (East), while relating to paradigms and positions (South), that might hinder achieving results and goals (North) and building a clear path to achieving defined targets and vision (West).


To train professional coaches for executives and managers using a structured system, diagnostic questionnaires and coaching kits.

Suitable for:

  • Organizations that look to develop internal coaches that follow a common framework.
  • Organizations want to measure the coaching process results.
  • Organizations wants to deploy a structured replicable internal coaching methodology.


  • Enable the creation of an organization - wide coaching methodology and language.
  • The development of real coaching culture and established supporting systems.

How does it work?


Pre assessment process for potential participants.

Face to Face intervention:

  • Two online webinars of 3 hours each.
  • 5 days coaching development training based on the N.E.W.S.® compass™.


2 supervised coaching processes.

What can you expect?

Coaching methodology specially designed for leaders in organizations, easy to follow and
implement. Measurable and structured yet personalized coaching processes, that anable the
creation of an organization-wide coaching methodology and language.
The coaching process is supported by a kit and pre & post online assessments and is integrated
with the organization’s strategy and real issues. They are measurable and easy to track.

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