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The most fundamental transformation a person goes through in their career is when they move from being professional individual contributors to managing others. Nothing in their experience up to that point prepares them for this transition. Some people are stuck in this transformation for years. A few CEOs that I coached had not completed their transition to leadership by the time they reached that senior position.

So how can we help the new managers? How can we support them to move from a mindset of «It is about me and what I can do», to «It is about my team and what they can do»? This leadership development solution provides managers with the leadership mindsets, skills, and tools they need to actualize this transition. Then they can skyrocket success and impactful contributions to their team. They will grow by growing others. They will learn how to define success by becoming leaders.

Aviad Goz, the visionary of N.E.W.S.® and the creator of the N.E.W.S.® First Time Managers solution.

What is the Need for the First Time Managers solution?

A lot of first-time managers are promoted without any proper induction or preparation for being successful in their new role. The new normal caused by the pandemic, accelerated promotions of individual contributors into a managerial role. In many cases the best practices on how to lead team members are missing. There is a high price for this for themselves, the team and the organization.

Who is it for?

  • People who were recently promoted to become managers or team leaders, for the first time in their career.
  • First-time managers, with 1-3 years of experience, who never had a proper leadership development training.
  • Talented people on their way to their first managerial role.

The program has been delivered to Qualitest, the world’s leading AI-led quality engineering. Green light for massive roll-out was given after pilot programs in US, Europe and Asia. Feedback was excellent. N.E.W.S.® HQ calibrated the new solution based on this global success.


Module 1 - Impactful Leadership Conversations

  • Leadership is a conversation
  • The mindset
  • Preparation for an effective and impactful leadership conversation
  • Two strategies for impact
  • The N.E.W.S.® Co.M.P.Act model for leadership conversations and best practice
  • My plan for implementation

Module 2 - Influence without Authority

  • Influence vs. Authority
  • Participative leadership
  • The mindset of influence
  • Powerful strategies in influence for leaders
  • The N.E.W.S.® model of 8 + 1 approaches for influence 
  • The imperatives of influence
  • My plan for implementation

Module 3 - Effective Task Management & Delegation

  • Task Management - The fundamentals
  • Time-specific activities and best practices
  • Not time-specific activities and the three levels for priorities
  • Delegation - Beware the over busy manager
  • Monkey management - The four laws and practices
  • Types of monkey handlers
  • My plan for my task management and delegation

Module 4 - Empowerment

  • The N.E.W.S.® model of the 3 Levels of a manager’s development
  • Micromanagement and its costs
  • The challenges on the way to empowering others
  • The 6 levels of empowerment and the Empowerment maps
  • The empowerment ladder
  • “Manage up”
  • Planning your empowerment meetings

At the end of the program, your First Time Managers will:

  • Succeed in the needed transformation from being an individual contributor to becoming a leader.
  • Improve the performance of their team.
  • Enhance their leadership practices.
  • Learn, understand, and apply mindsets, skills and tools for effective leadership.
  • Be equipped with a first aid toolkit, in their orientation towards leadership.          


  • You can choose the modules that are relevant to your needs. All sessions are stand alone. We can customize the 4 modules according to your managers’ needs.
  • We recommend the full 4-module solution. It is a complete practical set of mindsets, skills, and tools to allow transformation into leadership.
  • We recommend the creation of a 1-hour corporate module on “Role Perception in their Organization”, for your first-time managers. This module can come in the format of a creative video in which you can create the needed orientation for your new managers. 


  • "My main take away is that my company invests in my career and team. The practice sessions, the terminologies, and in-depth walkthroughs were my key take-ways!"
  • "The level of interaction is amazing - everyone participated. The theory - practice ratio is excellent! That helps a lot to really understand how to use what is learned during the session."
  • "The N.E.W.S.® Models and approaches mentioned in the program. Every session is structured, framed yet interactive, and the tools offered are of great value for me as a manager".
  • "I liked that I learned a lot through the practice sessions but also via exchanging with my peers. The most important thing for me is that I understood areas that can go wrong during any leadership conversations and how we can overcome them."
  • "Tailor made for our exact needs. With relevant examples. In this way I managed to transfer knowledge immediately in my daily practice."


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