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Manager as Team Navigator (MAT)TM


In times of change leaders need to lead their teams in a flexible, participative and agile way. Most leaders have no idea where to start.

The modern work place has changed significantly over the last decade. Most employees are knowledge-age workers. They are educated, specialized and smart. They want to be involved. They want to understand and to have an impact. This requires a new style of leadership. The industrial age "Top – Bottom" approach no longer suffices. This out of date leadership style creates a very low level of engagement and alignment that many organizations experience around the globe.

A whole array of new mind sets, skills and tools is needed in order to lead nowadays. Moreover, most leaders have been trained to lead individuals rather than leading whole teams as a unit.
MAT™ is a unique leadership training program. It was created in response to the need for participative leadership. This style of leadership engages the whole team and creates buy- in and alignment. It provides leaders with the ability to lead teams as whole teams, going beyond leading individual team members.


  • Develop comprehensive team leadership mind-set, tool-set and skill-set .
  • Provide leaders with unique skills to work with contemporary and challenging teams such as remote teams, virtual teams, ad- hoc teams and more.
  • Provide unique skills for leading a team as a whole - create, lead, manage
  • Makes them much more effective and capable in the new work place, leading knowledge-age workers and millennials
  • Develop managers to engage, align and lead their team as a whole for going through changes and reaching highly effective results.
  • Allows leaders to acquire core leadership tools to develop focused, high performance teams
  • Creates future type of new team leaders

The program is suitable for:

  • Managers who needs to develop themselves to lead teams.
  • As part of a leadership development pathway
  • Organizations want to prepare and equip managers to lead in times of change.


After the program, the managers or team leaders can:

  • Identify the team’s needs using the structured model of the Compass.
  • Develop a participative leadership mindset for managing millennials and knowledge age workers
  • Acquire core team leadership tools skills and techniques, excellent facilitating skills and learn to use them in leadership domains
  • Create the next phase development for team
  • Engage the team members better

How does it work?


  • Pre-training online assessment.
  • Preparation and adaptation with the organization

Face to Face intervention:

A two day workshop that provides the team leaders with tools to:

  • lead teams through change​
  • energize and engage teams
  • solve team conflicts
  • unblock team stagnation
  • lead teams to high performance


  • Four annual check points
  • Optional N.E.W.S.® Executive Coaching™.
  • Post-training assessment after 3 months to assess ROI.

What can you expect?

  • We create the leaders of tomorrow to thrive in times of change
  • Become more attentive, flexible, resilient, and risk takers.
  • Become developers of people and teams.
  • Be able to navigate teams through a volatile, uncertain and complex environment and lead them into a new future.
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