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With hundreds e-mails, text messages, phone calls, questions, problems, and cries for help we are overloaded with noises. We might plan what we want to do every day or every week, but the daily storm is taking over.

The mental and practical costs are overwhelming – stress, tiredness and missed deadlines are permanent.

In a complex and challenging reality, managers need new insights, tools and skills. The new work space is bombarded by endless events, changes and information. A manager can find themselves busy all day long in the turbulence of events and yet produce very little value for the organization. "Being effective in a disruptive reality" derives its content from contemporary research and from sources of neuroscience. The program equips managers and non-managers with a set of practical, easy to implement tools for effective management in the new disruptive work space.


  • Develop leaders and executives to apply the timeless principles in order to improve productivity and translates them into contemporary up to date solutions, highly useful best practice and user friendly tools
  • Develop a “can do”, proactive state of mind, restores sense of control & focus and reduces burnout and being over busy
  • Significantly improve organizational performance and the usage of resources

Suitable for

Executives, leaders, managers, especially millennials and knowledge age workers


Help participants save 3 to 4 hours daily and make them more productive, leading participants to accomplish more in all areas of life.

How does it work?


  • For non-managers: a series of 5 sessions that can be run in 1 day, 2 half-days, or 5 separate webinars or face-to-face meetings.
  • For managers – an additional session that can be run on the same day or separately


2 coaching sessions per participant to embed the principles and iron-out any personal challenges

What can you expect?

A highly practical 1 day training program that will help participants focus on the critically impactful, run their days rather than being run over, filter out and delegate effectively. Unfolds in a unique and comprehensive way: from the quarterly, to monthly, weekly, daily and momentarily focus. Highly impactful, engaging and challenging process that improves effectiveness for the individual and the organization. Little theory, much practicality and experience. Results in strong commitments utilizing modern digital tools with excellent track record globally. The coaching sessions help individual adaptation.

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