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Athena Consulting, in collaboration with N.E.W.S.® - a training and coaching company from Switzerland, are pleased to introduce you a series of international development, coaching, and leadership programs.

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We are now living in the VUCA (Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world. Markets, business models and technologies are transforming at an accelerated pace, unlike anything past generations have ever witnessed. Change has become constant and a new norm that is radically reshaping the way we live, work, survive and thrive. In other words, it has put a strain on individuals, organizations, and societies. Actually, there are 4 common reasons why not only organizations, but also individuals, and teams get stuck in their journey in Times of Change

  • Lack of direction, vision
  • Lack of engagement, motivation
  • Lack of planning, execution
  • Limiting beliefs, and barriers

As the business world changes and turns out to be less predictable, doing business becomes more complicated and uncertain. The concepts of VUCA world actually influences how organizations make decisions, manage risks, foster change, solve different problems, and oftentimes threatens their survival.

The need to thrive in a changing environment is becoming more evident each day. Organizations now need processes that are accustomed to the fast-changing reality. Enhancing the capabilities to become innovative, agile, flexible, responsive to change, transparent, participative and collaborative shuold be any organizations’ top concern. Developing the cultures that embrace change and transformation, talent development also becomes more vital.

Approach: developing leaders and organizations to navigate and thrive in the era of constant change and develop them to their next level.

Methodology: all the programs based on the understanding that in change situations, individuals, teams, and organizations have to answer the following questions while making decisions. These questions are arranged in 4 directions of the Compass model. Each direction will illustrate the key factors of successful navigation in Times of Change.

  • The North (N): “Where do we want to go?” – about strategy, direction, vision
  • The East (E): “Why do we want to go in this direction?” – about meaning, values, motivation,, key drivers.
  • The West (W): “How are we going to get there?” – about planning, execution
  • The South (S): “How will we overcome the difficulties, limiting beliefs?” – about barriers, challenges, what will prevent the strategies from successs.

The metaphor of Compass model in combination with 3 levels Personal, Team, Organization constitues the 12 Box Matrix showing the main objectives which our programs are aiming to.

  Personal Interpersonal Organizational
N Personal Leadership Team Leadership Strategic Link
E Self-Motivation Team Motivation Compatibility with the Organization
W Self-Management Team Management OOrganizational Execution
S Personal Develoopment Team Development Empowerment
  • Organizational Development

    Organizational Development

    Helping organization or team managements create and focus the next phase strategy of organization and reach high levels of clarity, alignment, direction, engagement.                                                .

  • Leadership Development

    Leadership Development

    Developing leaders with the capabilities needed for leadership in time of change. Enable leaders to navigate their teams and organizations through change and lead them to success.

  • Specialized Exclusive Programs

    Specialized Exclusive Programs

    In addition to Organizational and Leadership Development programs, we also provide another two specialized exclusive programs.                                                                             .                                                  

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