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Self - NavigationTM


Organizations expect individuals to take more and more responsibility and drive their career in alignment with the organizational needs. Most people lack the mind-set, skills and tools to do that. In these turbulent times, we navigate ourselves in the sea of uncertainty. We are more mobile than ever in the history. This mobility presents many new opportunities and threats. Managers and employees need structured well-tested tools to navigate their careers successfully.

The N.E.W.S.™ Self-Navigation is an innovative and profoundly significant process to help you navigate your career. It allows participants to find their "true North", increase motivation, overcome obstacles, plan and execute a successful plan. It also synchronizes their compass with the organizational compass. This program can be conducted in a group setting or 1x1


  • Develop key talents managers, high potentials and leaders with key tools to motivate, direct lead themselves effectively in times of change.
  • Provide higher and deeper level of development for leaders.
  • Synchronize invidual and organizational motivations for better retention of the leaders and that organization.
  • Create a forward movement by ownership and accoutability.

The program is suitable for:

  • People in crossroads or transition.
  • High potentials and key talents in the organization.
  • As part of leadership development pathway.


After the program, the participants can:

  • Clarify their career "true North".
  • Set a practical vision for their future career and build a practical model to achieve it.
  • Identify their personal "blockages" to achieve their vision.
  • Learn ways to overcome their difficulties and limiting beliefs.
  • Identify, clarify and connect with their values and drivers.
  • Construct an action plan to achieve their career vision and goals.
  • Identify the best pathway for practical progression.

How does it work?


Pre-workshop online assessment.

Face to Face intervention:

Two day experiential workshop in which each participant finds their genuine personal direction within the organization based on their true motivations. Participants break through their limitations and prepare an execution plan.
The workshop is enriched by simulations and experiential activities.


  • Follow up of optional individual coaching where needed.
  • Post-workshop online assessment to measure ROI.

What can you expect?

Allowing high potentials to drive their own career in the organization, leads to high level of retention. Helping participants break through their limiting beliefs and reach their potential develops the talent in the organization. This solution drives millennials to develop and grow inside your organization

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