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Applied Strategic Thinking Workshop

ATHENA CONSULTING’s Applied Strategic Thinking® workshop is designed to help all members of the organization—leaders and individual contributors alike—find a balance between meeting today’s expectations and requirements and reaching for tomorrow’s possibilities by thinking and acting in a strategic way. This rich and engaging learning experience helps participants develop strategic-planning and strategic-thinking skills they can use in the real world. The workshop is based on ATHENA CONSULTING’s book Ahead of the Curve and the Applied Strategic Thinking® Model and its corresponding tools, all of which support the development of greater strategic-thinking ability for individuals working at all levels of the business.

About Applied Strategic Thinking®

To be on the leading edge, organizations need leaders and individuals at all levels to be shapers of the future, adapt to changing conditions, unlock value, and help the organization be more competitive. ATHENA CONSULTING’s Applied Strategic Thinking® workshop is a one-of-a-kind learning experience that gives leaders and individual contributors the skills to think and act more strategically at the individual level and on the front lines of work by creating long-term direction and plans for capitalizing on opportunities and achieving better results in their areas of responsibility. The learning experience is designed to help participants become stronger strategic thinkers and discover how to strike a balance between two important aspects of business:

  • Delivering business results that meet the expectations of today.
  • Identifying and acting on the opportunities, issues, and concerns that will contribute to business results tomorrow.

The Applied Strategic Thinking® workshop introduces participants to the specific skills and competencies needed to become strategically minded and forward-thinking so they can truly ignite positive change, develop greater foresight, and make a strategic contribution to the organization and its strategy.

Objectives & Outcomes

The Applied Strategic Thinking® workshop gets everyone in the organization thinking more strategically, which helps them and the business in many ways:

  • Leaders and individuals develop strategic-planning skills to become more forward-thinking in their everyday roles by identifying and exploiting opportunities that are within their control.
  • Leaders and individuals become strategically agile and able to quickly respond to changes or trends.
  • Leaders and team members know how to better balance their time and attention between daily operational pressures and longer-term strategic initiatives.
  • Business units attain more alignment and traction for overarching strategies that drive bottom-line results.
  • There is better analysis of the longer-term impact of decisions and plans.
  • Individuals discover new sources of motivation and excitement in their work.
  • It creates a culture of innovation where individuals achieve strategic targets with greater success.

Our Approach

What makes Applied Strategic Thinking® distinctive is the fact that it is built around classic strategy principles but designed to be practical and geared towards supporting leaders and individual contributors in becoming more-effective strategic thinkers. Developing high-level, corporate strategic plans is not the focus of the workshop, but it does help participants see how they play a role in supporting the organization’s strategy. This workshop is utilized by hundreds of our client organizations around the world and serves individuals working at all levels and in a variety of industries.

The Applied Strategic Thinking® workshop is a highly interactive and engaging learning experience based on our book, Ahead of the Curve, which details the practical Applied Strategic Thinking® Model and its related tools. To enhance transferability, the following components have been incorporated into the program’s design and delivery:

  • Rich exercises, a business simulation, and opportunities to develop and practice using the strategic-thinking skills.
  • Individualized attention by experienced facilitators who help participants apply the skills to their unique situations and areas of responsibility.
  • Skill and behavioral assessments that reveal each participant’s strengths and opportunities for development.
  • Opportunities to apply the skills to real business issues; participants walk away from the program having created their own strategic initiative and execution plan.
  • Application and sustainability tools that give participants a consistent strategic-thinking framework and a shared understanding of the fact that thinking strategically is part of everyone’s job, supporting their strategic-planning activities.


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