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The first step in navigating your career is realizing where you are now. This assessment is designed to help you guide yourself better in your career and your life. The assessment will provide you with a snapshot of your current position on the 4 Compass points, North, East, West, South, a good place to start your journey to greatness. More information about the N.E.W.S.™ Compass™ is available on our website in Products & Services.

There are no wrong answers and only you will see the results so feel free to answer honestly. For a better understanding of your results, and find out the solutions to your situation based on the assessment, please feel free to contact us.

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Sentence 1: I have a clear direction in my professional development


Sentence 2: I have long-term goals for the next 5-10 years


Sentence 3: My goals are written down and are used as a working tool


Sentence 4: I have a set of values that guides my work


Sentence 5: I work according to my values in my daily work


Sentence 6: I am passionate and excited about my work


Sentence 7: I have clear working plan to achieve my goals


Sentence 8: I work with a clear schedule in order to achieve my goals


Sentence 9: I plan my time ahead, before each and every week according to my goals


Sentence 10: I feel that I constantly improve and develop


Sentence 11: I renew myself and get more empowered as I go on


Sentence 12: I break out of my comfort zone occasionally and look for new challenges

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